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 Recycling Partner

We partner with Veolia Environmental Services, a major recycling company in the United States. This partnership allows us to offer you a smoother process to serve your recycling needs going forward. Our new program should not affect your cost, but it will make program management easier. Your inside/outside sales representative will have pricing information available for you upon request.

How It Works

We will supply prepaid labeled lamp boxes for 4ft  linear lamps, 8ft linear lamps, Compact fluorescent lamps, Batteries, and Ballasts at our location for purchase at a discounted rate and will ship them to you. Once filled, tape them shut and call the 800 number on the label for a FedEx pickup. The container will be shipped to the processing center, and you will receive a detailed certificate of recycling from Veolia for your records.

Large-Volume Recycling

Large volumes of lamps or electronic scrap, such as computers and monitors, a large pallet will be made available to handle those items. It will be prepaid and be able to be picked up by FedEx and transported to the processing facility.

Let's Work Together

We look forward to helping your Company with its Recycling needs and currently have all the boxes and Containers in stock and ready to ship. Let's dispose of lamps and scrap properly, so it doesn't impact the environment. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at our office.