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Kahant Electrical Supply Co. in Randolph, New Jersey, is the area's leader in electrical supplies. We deliver more than just Electrical Supplies, we deliver promises to our Customers in a timely fashion. Since we were founded in 1947 by Mr.James Crummy, our business has been structured to make sure we deliver value solutionsand exceptional Service to our customers. Today, we continue that mission by delivering quality products at a fair price.

We are Open for Bussiness during the current Covid 19 Emergency.

We cand ship orders directly to your Business via Our Trucks or arrange the order to 

be available for Pickup at our Service Dock outside the Building

We Put You First

Our success depends on you. We put customers first. You communicate to us what you need done, and we see to it that your instructions are carried out in an efficient, economical fashion. We always bring our collective experience to problems or opportunities that you face in your business so that we can find the best solution possible.

Customer-Centric Culture

At our business, we go beyond the basics. With an unwavering commitment to our customers in the Tri-State area, our actions provide value to you. This, ultimately, provides value to us. Satisfying your needs remains our top priority. Whether you deal with one of our salespeople over the phone or in person, we always strive to provide innovative engineering and system solutions to your evolving application challenges.

Superior Staff

In order to deliver the best service, we hire the best people in the industry, setting the highest standards for character and integrity. This allows us to continually improve upon our processes to better serve you. Our staff has tremendous industry knowledge and is committed to working with all levels within our organization to discuss and solve your unique needs.

Reliable Service

You will always get the most reliable and speedy delivery of our products and services. While we are well above the industry average, we continue to focus on improving so that every delivery is on time. Our shipping and tracking software provides real-time updates on the status of your order, so you can feel confident knowing we are a dependable electrical vendor.

Ongoing Training

In today's marketplace, we realize the importance of keeping our customers up to date on the latest technology advances and safety trends. In order to do so, we offer seminars, on-site workshops, as well as lunch-and-learn sessions. These training sessions are designed to provide you with theory, hands-on demonstrations, and examples of real applications that may be helpful in determining your own safety needs.

Our Mission

Our guiding principles affirm what is most important to us. They tell us how to achieve our mission with:

  • Quality Through Continuous Process Improvement
  • Providing Our Customers with World-Class Service
  • Maintaining a Business Literate Workforce